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Quintara Discovery, Inc. (QDI) is a discovery & development specialist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide high-quality in vitro ADME profiling, GLP and non-GLP bioanalysis services, and dedicated assay development and compound screening. With a customer-centric philosophy, QDI strives to be your partner in drug Discovery & Development!

  • Quality: core competency, extensive QC, attention to details

  • Depth: extensive know-how, trouble-shooting, experimental design, streamlined operation and versatile platform flexible platform

  • Integrity: focus on customer needs, understand the importance of data, quality of the data, turn-around time and interpretation

  • Sense of community: Integration into client’s team, communication in real-time

From the very beginning, our missions have been to

  • Become the most customer-centric service partner

  • Deliver timely results of the highest quality

  • Create value for the customer

Our approach


In vitro ADMET (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicity) screening during the lead optimization stage of drug discovery has been proven to have an impact on selecting drug candidates with an enhanced probability of success in clinical trials.

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Non-GLP Bioanalysis

QDI provides comprehensive bioanalytical and analytical solutions to support drug discovery and development.

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GLP Bioanalysis

QDI is proud to offer GLP bioanalysis service to our customers.

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QDI offers a wide range of high-fidelity assay and compound screening services with a truly integrated approach that can be tailored and customized to partner’s requirements and thus accelerate our partner’s discovery efforts.

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We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to focused and efficient drug discovery and development

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