In vitro ADMET (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicity) screening during the lead optimization of drug discovery stage has been proven to have an impact on selecting drug candidates with an enhanced probability of success in clinical trials.

  • Metabolic Stability – Microsomes, S9, hepatocytes, plasma, blood, or buffers

  • CYP Interactions – CYP inhibition, TDI, induction, and reaction phenotyping

  • Permeability and Transporters – MDCK, MDCK-MDR1, or Caco-2 cells

  • Physicochemical Properties – Solubility, LogD, pKa, chemical stability

  • Other ADME Assays – Protein binding, blood plasma partition, Ames, and more

Quintara Discovery provides comprehensive bioanalytical and analytical solutions to support drug discovery and development. Our scientists are experienced in working with challenging molecular entities in complex matrices. Our dedicated project teams are focused on delivering high-quality data in meeting stringent timelines. Studies we support are various PK/TK, biomarkers and other research projects involving test article analysis in the biological system using LC/MS/MS, HPLC/UV, and HPLC/FL.

QDI is proud to offer GLP bioanalysis service to our customers

QDI offers a wide range of high-fidelity assay and compound screening services with a truly integrated approach that can be tailored and customized to partner’s requirements and thus accelerate our partner’s discovery efforts.

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We are a discovery & development specialist based in the San Francisco Bay Area, provides high-quality in vitro ADME profiling, bioanalysis services, and dedicated assay development and compound screening.

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