Buffer Stability

Drug candidates can be instable in various physiologically-relevant buffers, such as simulated interstinal fluid or simulated gastric fluid. The stability in SIF or SGF may provide insightful information for understanding the PK behavior of the compounds.

Buffer Stability Assays: Standard Assay Conditions (Customizable)

Compound Concentration
20 µM

Time Points
Time points (0, 15, 30, 60 minutes) for half-life determinations; zero and 60 minutes for %disappearance of parent compound

Detection Method

Control compounds

Fasted or fed simulated intestinal/gastric fluids, with and without enyzmes pancreatin/pepsin

%disappearance of parent compound, Half-life (t1/2)

Turnaround Time
2-3 Days

Compound requirements
20 μL 10 mM DMSO stock