Plasma/Blood Stability

Plasma and blood contain esterases and proteases activities. Compounds with ester and amide bonds, such as many pro-drugs and peptide-based compounds, should be routinely tested for plasma/blood stability.

Plasma/Blood Stability Assays: Standard Assay Conditions (Customizable)

Compound Concentration
1 µM

Time Points
Time points (0, 60, 120, 240 minutes) for half-life determinations; zero and 240 minutes for %disappearance of parent compound

Detection Method

Control compounds
Verapamil and Propantheline

Human, rat, mouse, dog and monkey (additional species are available on request)

%disappearance of parent compound, Half-life (t1/2)

Turnaround Time
2-3 Days

Compound requirements
20 μL 10 mM DMSO stock